Terms & Conditions


Participation is limited to GCC, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya

You are allowed to have 2 substitute players for your team

Minimum age required to join is 13 years old

Any player caught cheating will be have his team disqualified from the tournament. Any cheating listed here but not limited to:

  • (a) Cheating Software.
  • (b) Sound modifiers.
  • (c) Texture modifiers.
  • (d) Aim assistance.
  • (e) Results Manipulation.
  • (f) Match-fixing.

Competition is open to Mobile players only

Any player caught participating from outside of the regions mentioned above will be disqualified from the tournament

All communication will be done through Discord (Only Captains required to join)

Any changes to be made to the rules and regulations are subject to the discretion of the Tournament Organizers

Tournament organizers and Admin team have the last say in any and all matter pertaining to the tournament.

The Prize Distribution is as follows:

  • 1st Place = 15,000 USD
  • 2nd Place = 10,000 USD
  • 3rd Place = 5,000 USD

The prizes will be sent out at least 30 days after finishing the tournament and it could take up to 90 days. If the player missed out on details/didn’t reply to an admin, it will delay the process.

In the case where a team or a member of a team is under investigation and have managed to reach the top 3 at the end of the tournament, they will not be entitled to their respective winnings until the on-going investigation has concluded – if they have been concluded to be taking part in illegitimate activities to gain an advantage over their opponents, they will be disqualified and all their winnings will be forfeited to the teams next in line.

Tournament Mechanics


  • Livestream starts from 64 Teams onwards.
  • Captains register with the needed information for his/her team.
  • Captains must provide the IDs of all teammates for proof of residence.
  • Captains must join the provided discord server for all tournament communications, failure to do so will result in the team considered a no-show.
  • Captains are solely responsible for providing the right information/documents needed, behavior during the tournament and making sure that teams are present and on time for their matches.


  • Offstream
  • 2048 Teams
  • Teams will be split into 16 team lobbies
  • Top 4 from each lobby qualifies to the stage of 512 teams
  • Top 2 from each lobby at 512 team stage will qualify for the Finals
  • 1 match per lobby

64 Teams

  • LIVE streamed
  • 64 Qualified Teams
  • 16 teams per group
  • 1 group per day
  • Each group plays 5 games and the top 2 move forward to the finals
  • 4 days of group stages


  • LIVE streamed
  • 8 Qualified teams from group stages + 8 Invited Teams
  • 5 Matches to play
  • Teams which come 1st to 3rd on the leaderboard after 5 games win the prizes
  • 1 Day of Finals


The TO/Admin team have the final say in all matters pertaining to the integrity of the tournament and any decision/rule is subjected to change at any point in time as deemed fit by the TO/Admin Team.

By reading this you have confirmed that you agree to all of the rules and regulations mentioned above.